Jean Marc Artisan Heir to the cabinetmaking art of the legendary French ébénistes of the Loire valley.                                                               ENGLISH | DEUTSCH | POLSKI | РУССКИЙ

Romantics like me should live in centuries gone by. It is harder for us to feel at home in the present. But I believe in my destiny. Sometimes all it takes is one moment, one look. It becomes etched forever in the memory and nothing will ever be the same.

The floor's unique appearance is the result of manual brushing, planing and bevelling processes. In addition, multiple, long-term coating of the floorboard with natural oils has brought out fairy tale shades of beige and brown from the wood. The floors' characteristic nature is enhanced by the scratches, cracks and traces of drilling around the natural knots. The effect brings to mind bygone eras. A floor with additional natural oil protection.

Compatible skirting board:
Oak skirting board finished with matt lacquer
dimensions: 18x90x2000mm


Chamber in Chateau de Langeais

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