Jean Marc Artisan Heir to the cabinetmaking art of the legendary French ébénistes of the Loire valley.                                                               ENGLISH | DEUTSCH | POLSKI | РУССКИЙ

A creator cannot compromise. He cannot be weak.Enormous strength and determination are needed to keep to a vision. To defend it against the world. So don’t listen to sceptics. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and go against the grain. Your charisma, belief in your own truth — these are like armour. And when your time comes, you will surprise.

The strong and no-nonsense Créateur Oak in a warm shade of brown enriched with a hint of ash. Numerous and varied natural features of wood with a dark filling. The texture of the wood is tangible thanks to brushing. The effect is rounded off with bevelled edges. The whole is coated with natural oil.

Compatible skirting board:
Oak skirting board finished with matt lacquer
dimensions: 18x90x2000mm


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