Jean Marc Artisan Heir to the cabinetmaking art of the legendary French ébénistes of the Loire valley.                                                               ENGLISH | DEUTSCH | POLSKI | РУССКИЙ

I’m ready. Years of sacrifice and subordinating my life to one passion are finally having an effect. Long hours spent rehearsing, and here I am today donning the White Swan costume. For me this delicate white has always been a synonym for strength and stamina. I observe through the curtain as the audience gathers, listening to the buzz of excited conversations. Today I’ll shine on all of them.

Danseuse Oak coated in subtle beige. Unique, because it retains the natural qualities of wood — knots, grain patterns and a texture accentuated in the brushing process. The manually aged bevel gives the board slenderness. The whole is coated with natural oil.

Compatible skirting board:
Oak skirting board finished with matt lacquer
dimensions: 18x90x2000mm


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